You Can't Always Get What You Haunt - Book

You Can't Always Get What You Haunt

A rookie psychic. A chatty, crime-solving canine sidekick. And a killer. Living in Wyldwood can be deadly.

I’m Janelle Brighton, a reluctant psychic trying to find her true calling. So far, my main claim to fame is bringing a spectral dachshund back to life. That unique talent probably won’t take me far in Wyldwood Springs, where magical crime abounds.

After years on the run from hometown enemies, I’ve come back to face the fallout of a teenage prank that put me on the wrong side of powerful people. They still consider me a threat, but if you ask me, my skills are highly overrated.

Mr. Bixby begs to differ. This chatty, cocky dachshund believed in me enough to cross from the dead to the living and join me on a special quest. First, I’ll need to find my estranged and missing mother and cure our family ghost of amnesia. On top of all that, there’s a dead body behind my quaint but haunted jewelry store… and guess who’s getting framed?

When the charming cop I left behind arrives to investigate, Mr. Bixby and a new ghostly canine have my back. While I may underestimate myself, I’ve never underestimated the love of a good dog—dead or alive. So perhaps my new gift is exactly what I’ll need to survive my homecoming.

Love your books with hounds, humor and homicide? Join psychic Janelle Brighton in the Mystic Mutts Mysteries, a lighthearted paranormal cozy mystery series featuring a saucy dachshund, several ghosts and murders to solve. Great for fans of funny, fast-paced cozy mysteries with animals.

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You Can't Always Get What You Haunt - Book You Can't Always Get What You Haunt - Book