Any Way You Haunt It Book

Any Way You Haunt It

A psychic with a quirky gift. A quaint haunted store. And a sassy dog who solves murders.

Janelle Brighton is adapting quickly to life in her hometown of Wyldwood Springs. Her new friends are helping her launch a jewelry store, and the visiting police chief she admires is sticking around.

When a canine specter with a little extra arrives in her new store, however, it stirs up a whirlwind of trouble. The feisty furball’s visit coincides with an unexpected death on Main Street that leaves Janelle’s best friend on the hook for murder.

The ghost without a tail has a very special tale he's not telling. Luckily, Mr. Bixby—a sassy and previously-deceased dachshund—and Janelle both like a challenge. To solve the crime, they’ll need to crack a complicated canine code that leads down a perilous path into her family’s past.

No one said rescuing ghost dogs would be easy… but there’s never a dull moment.

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Any Way You Haunt It Book Any Way You Haunt It Book