Swine and Punishment Book

Swine and Punishment

Ivy’s sly sow is perfectly capable of murder … but has this pig been framed?

Wilma has been voted “most likely to kill” among Runaway Farm’s feisty menagerie. The huge sow is light on her feet, smarter than she looks, and starving for freedom.

When Wilma goes on the lam again, she roots up terrible trouble. There’s another dead body in Clover Grove, and the pig is the prime suspect. Meanwhile a reality TV show has arrived in town and the cast and crew are getting way too close for Ivy’s comfort.

There’s no love lost between sleuthing sheepdog, Keats, and the formidable hog. But if one of his charges is unfairly targeted, he’ll put his smarts and heart on the line to help Ivy get to the bottom of the muddy mess.

Can the farm's crime-solving team sort out this slippery mystery before someone else dies?

The next book in the Bought-the-Farm Mystery Series is a perfect page-turner for lovers of animals, cozy mysteries and funny, spunky aspiring sleuths.

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