Dogcatcher In the Rye

Follow hobby farmer Ivy Galloway and her brilliant border collie, Keats, as they wrangle feisty rescue animals and ruthless killers in rustic Clover Grove.

Turning a hobby farm into a quaint country inn is a piece of cake compared to solving a murder.

Ivy Galloway is the proud new owner of a hobby farm and inn in her hometown of Clover Grove. She may not know an alpaca from a llama, but nothing’s going to keep her from pursuing this dream. After surviving an attack while rescuing Keats, her border collie, she feels unstoppable.

That feeling fades fast when Keats finds Lloyd Boyce pushing up daisies in Ivy’s rye field. As Clover Grove’s dogcatcher, Lloyd had plenty of detractors. Even Ivy ran afoul of him over Keats’ chicken-herding incident.

The murder puts a blight on Ivy’s plans to welcome her first official guests in just three weeks. Police chief Kellen Harper refuses to rush his investigation and Ivy wonders if he’s still holding a grudge over their ill-fated high school romance.

To clear her name, Ivy starts digging up clues with Keats. The former HR exec is no stranger to interviewing, and Keats is a dog who loves a job. Her best friend, Jilly, and sister Daisy work hard to get the inn ready—at least, until Daisy becomes a suspect in Lloyd’s death, too. Ivy’s almost at the end of her tether. With her beloved farm’s very future on the line can she solve the case before the killer comes after her next?

Dogcatcher in the Rye is perfect for dog lovers, and anyone who likes curling up with a page-turning cozy mystery.

Delicious recipes included!

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