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How to Get a Neigh with Murder

Another fun page-turner in a heartwarming series that’s perfect for animal lovers who dream about buying the farm.

A tiny horse with big ambitions trots into murderous mire.

Family. Can’t live with them, can’t let them be wrongly accused of murder. At least, that’s how it works for Ivy and the Galloway clan. Now her best friend, Jilly Blackwood, is a similar bind.

This little horse has mighty big ambitions, however, and now he’s ready to do something spectacular with his special gifts. As he heads into the world pulling Ivy Galloway’s sister behind, he inadvertently steps into a disastrous dung heap of crime.

Solving a murder is nothing new for Ivy, Keats, Percy and the gang, but each case seems to get a little more dangerous. Is this the one where they get utterly trampled?

(Full description to follow!)

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How to Get a Neigh with MurderHow to Get a Neigh with Murder