A Streak of Bad Cluck

A Streak of Bad Cluck

A guest at the farm takes her final flight and ruffles more feathers for Ivy and her crime-solving dog.

After a rocky start, Ivy is finally settling into life at Runaway Farm and Inn. She’s even managed to smooth the feathers of a formerly feisty neighbor. Or has she? Nothing is ever quite as simple as it seems in charming Clover Grove.

When the local bridge club arrives for a high stakes visit, Ivy turns up the hospitality to revive the inn’s reputation after two recent murders. What could possibly go wrong with a group of card-playing octogenarians known as pillars of the community?

A fox in the henhouse disrupts the plan. Someone is creeping around the farm again, and the Bridge Buddies have barely settled in before one of them gains her heavenly wings.

Luckily, Ivy is never alone in a crisis. Keats, the border collie, is eager to apply his sharp brain to this case of murder most fowl, and best friend Jilly always has her back. Even Kellan (AKA Chief Hottie) is softening a little. His change of heart couldn’t be better timed because the evidence could leave Ivy without an egg to stand on.

If you like twisty, fast-paced mysteries and heartwarming animal stories, then you’ll love A Streak of Bad Cluck.

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