A Streak of Bad Cluck

Follow hobby farmer Ivy Galloway and her brilliant-but-bossy border collie, Keats, as they wrangle rescue animals and ruthless killers in rustic Clover Grove.

With hens like these, who needs enemies?

Ivy is finally starting to feel at home on Runaway Farm and she’s even settled the feathers of formerly feisty neighbor, Edna Evans. With her sly sow making frequent escapes to ravage Edna’s garden, it’s taken gourmet food bribes from chef and best friend, Jilly, to turn nosy Edna around. In Clover Grove, fresh egg deliveries go a long way, too.

As new guests descend on the inn, Ivy hopes the mayhem of recent weeks is behind her and tranquility ahead. When Edna chokes on a very bad egg and dies, however, the plot chickens. Once again, Ivy is a suspect, thanks to the generosity of her hens. But clucks are as abundant in this homesteading community as Edna’s enemies.

Keats, the border collie, is ready to apply his sharp nose and brain to this case of murder most fowl and Jilly always comes through in a pinch. Ivy’s large, eccentric family is more likely to get in the way, but they mean well… mostly.

Despite his frustration with Ivy’s sleuthing, police chief Kellan Harper is starting to concede his feelings aren’t just professional. His change of heart couldn’t be better timed because the evidence could leave Ivy without an egg to stand on.

Another fast-paced and fun read in this heartwarming cozy series that’s bound to grow on any animal lover!

Includes delicious recipes!

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