Between a Squawk and a Hard Place

Someone’s life depends on a parrot’s saucy secrets.

Ivy has always wanted to meet Hannah Pemberton, the first owner of Runaway Farm and a generous patron of animal causes. When Hannah arrives at the farm unexpectedly, however, it’s anything but a joyful occasion.

Duncan, the chatty parrot Hannah left in her aunt’s care, has flown the coop. What’s more, her aunt is in very deep trouble of the legal kind.

Hannah has helped Ivy with many a tricky situation and it’s time to return the favor. Solving the mystery takes them deep into the world of bird enthusiasts. Is Hannah’s aunt the victim or the target of a terrible crime? Only the saucy secrets of a winged wisecracker can help the team get answers before someone else flies.

The next book in the Bought-the-Farm Mystery Series is a perfect page-turner for lovers of animals and funny, spunky amateur sleuths.
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Between a Squawk and a Hard PlaceBetween a Squawk and a Hard Place