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All I Haunt Is You

Disaster is one magical hiccup away for a reluctant witch and her chatty dachshund.

Life in Wyldwood Springs is settling into a comfortable rhythm for psychic and novice witch, Janelle Brighton, and her sassy formerly-deceased dachshund, Mr. Bixby. The only hitch is a bad case of nervous hiccups, but a minor magical malady isn’t stopping her from enjoying her new jewelry store, loyal friends and a budding romance with the chief of police.

When the mayor summons Janelle to discuss her most recent spelling misfire, a hiccup causes the mayor’s feline to vanish, leaving the town leader unprotected. On top of that, there’s a canine ghost under the mayor’s sofa that only Janelle can see, and he seems determined to disrupt a wedding ceremony.

Janelle will need to put her growing powers to the test to find the mayor’s cat and rescue an unruly spectral puppy before a magical villain crashes the wedding.

Supernatural Sleuths Promotion Supernatural Sleuths Promotion

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