A Dog with Two Tales Book

A Dog with Two Tales

Rescuing this pup could bring her a whole new life… if it doesn’t kill her first.

Ivy Galloway doesn’t know how desperate she is to escape the big city and her soul-sucking corporate career until she meets a sheepdog in need of rescue, too. Ivy has downsized so many staff that her boss calls her “the grim reaper” of HR but it’s the only job she’s known. It would take something huge to make her leave that behind.

Or something small… like a pup in the wrong hands. Criminal hands.

Enlisting her best friend, she confronts the dog’s deadbeat owner with logic, humor and professional courtesy. When her HR skills fall flat, however, conservative Ivy starts breaking the rules. The clever dog digs in to help by unearthing a chilling clue that could put his owner away for good.

Can Ivy and the pup she loves evade a genuine grim reaper long enough to gain a new leash on life in the country?

This short prequel to the Bought-the-Farm Mystery Series is a perfect page-turner for lovers of dogs, mystery and funny, spunky aspiring sleuths.

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