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I Only Haunt to Be With You

A psychic in training. A haunted café. And a chatty canine companion in crime-solving.

I’m starting to love Wyldwood Springs, even if some local citizens would rather see me leave town—or the planet—permanently.

Whatever. I am here to stay. My store, Whimsy, is everything I’d hoped and the “friend-family” I craved is growing.

I couldn’t be more thrilled about discovering my calling of rescuing ghost dogs. Matching a magical dog with someone who truly deserves it is the best thing ever, although I’m still training hard to figure out how it all works.

Mr. Bixby, my formerly-deceased canine sidekick has plenty of theories, but he’s still adjusting to this new life, too. And we do keep busy with crimes to solve.Luckily, we’re surrounded by people and dogs who want to keep us alive. We’ll do everything in our power to return the favor. And if I can have a little fun on the side—maybe a few dates with a handsome police chief—all the better.

(Full description to follow.)

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