I Only Haunt to Be with You Book

I Only Haunt to Be with You

A psychic in training. A haunted café. And a chatty canine companion in crime-solving.

Janelle Brighton is starting to love Wyldwood Springs. Some local citizens would rather see her leave town—or the planet—but she’s there to stay. Her store, Whimsy, is everything she hoped and the “family” of friends she craved is growing. There’s even hope for a date with the handsome chief of police.

When a new ghost dog arrives in town at the same time someone dies, however, life gets complicated fast. Her nemesis, Oscar Knight, may well be behind the murder, but why is his wife suddenly so chummy? On top of that, Janelle has come down with a dangerous malady courtesy of the Brighton matriarch.

It’s enough to rattle any novice psychic, but Mr. Bixby, Janelle’s sassy canine sidekick, is ready for anything Wyldwood throws at them, whether it’s murder or magical hiccups.

Love your books with hounds, humor and homicide? Join psychic Janelle Brighton in the Mystic Mutts Mysteries series, a lighthearted paranormal cozy mystery featuring a saucy dachshund, several ghosts and murders to solve. Great for fans of funny, fast-paced cozy mysteries with animals.

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I Only Haunt to Be with You Book I Only Haunt to Be with You Book