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For Love or Bunny

Join hobby farmer Ivy Galloway and her brilliant sheepdog, Keats, as they wrangle rescue animals and ruthless killers in this lighthearted cozy mystery series for animal lovers.

Murder and marriage make an unexpected match when trouble hops into a wedding.

Jilly’s wedding is only a week away and the last thing bridesmaid Ivy needs is a bunny problem. Scratch that. The last thing she needs is a murder problem.

Yet when a ravenous rabbit colony takes over Clover Grove’s cemetery and a noted garden enthusiast ends up with a permanent plot of her own, Ivy has no choice but to shift her attention from bouquets to bodies.

With a killer at large, the mayor threatens to call off the orchard wedding. Can Ivy and crew solve the mystery in time for Jilly and Asher to say “I do”?
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