Greetings, mystery lovers! I’m Ellen Riggs, author of humorous, clean cozy mysteries. My new “Bought-the-Farm” series brings together my passion for animals and storytelling.

The series stars Ivy Galloway, a former play-it-safe human resources executive, and Keats, the brilliant border collie. Ivy’s thrilling and dangerous rescue of Keats gives her a new leash on life, prompting her to escape the big city and move back home to quaint Clover Grove.

The good news: someone offers to sell her a hobby farm and inn for a mere song. The bad news: people keep turning up dead around her! But with Keats on the case, and her best friend Jilly at her side, Ivy breaks all her old rules and throws herself into each investigation—much to the dismay of her former high school sweetheart, police chief Kellan Harper. Come and meet the lovable and quirky cast of rescue animals and people at Runaway Farm & Inn. Expect fowl play, howls of laugher and a fast-paced series you can’t put down.

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Between a Squawk and a Hard Place

Someone’s life depends on a parrot’s saucy secrets.

Ivy has always wanted to meet Hannah Pemberton, the first owner of Runaway Farm and a generous patron of animal causes. When Hannah arrives at the farm unexpectedly, however, it’s anything but a joyful occasion.

Duncan, the chatty parrot Hannah left in her aunt’s care, has flown the coop. What’s more, her aunt is in very deep trouble of the legal kind.

Hannah has helped Ivy with many a tricky situation and it’s time to return the favor. Solving the mystery takes them deep into the world of bird enthusiasts. Is Hannah’s aunt the victim or the target of a terrible crime? Only the saucy secrets of a winged wisecracker can help the team get answers before someone else flies.

The next book in the Bought-the-Farm Mystery Series is a perfect page-turner for lovers of animals and funny, spunky amateur sleuths.
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Between a Squawk and a Hard PlaceBetween a Squawk and a Hard Place

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Double Dog Dare

An unexpected family reunion unleashes a dangerous mystery.

Ivy always wondered how sheepdog Keats became such an incredible companion and sleuth. When her beloved dog’s breeder tracks them down, she finally gets the chance to find out.

The family reunion is far from happy, however. Keats’ sister, another talented border collie, has been kidnapped.

The team leaps to the rescue, but the deeper they dig, the more it seems like someone might be targeting Ivy, herself. Is that a coincidence or more evidence of simmering hill country crime?

Rescuing Keats’ savvy sheepdog sister may be the only way to find out. And both daring dogs are ready for action.

The next book in the Bought-the-Farm Mystery Series is a perfect page-turner for lovers of animals and funny, spunky amateur.

Double Dog Dare BookDouble Dog Dare Book

Coming for Christmas!

Deerly Departed

Santa calls about a reindeer problem that puts Christmas in deadly peril.

Clausville has been a hill country institution for decades. The festive holiday theme park and petting zoo always attracts a crowd.

This year, the resident reindeer is in quite a predicament. While another ornery ruminant wasn’t on Ivy’s wish list, there’s always room at the inn for an animal in need.

Turns out the reindeer isn’t the only one in trouble. Santa himself is on the hook for a terrible crime. All signs point to him, but has the jolly old elf been framed? It’s all hands, paws and hooves on deck to keep Clausville running while solving the mystery. The reindeer may hold the key to bringing Christmas in for a landing on time.

The next book in the Bought-the-Farm Mystery Series is a perfect page-turner for lovers of animals and funny, spunky amateur sleuths.

Deerly Departed BookDeerly Departed Book

For Love or Bunny

Murder and marriage make an unexpected match when trouble hops into a wedding.

Jilly’s wedding is only a week away and the last thing bridesmaid Ivy needs is a bunny problem. Scratch that. The last thing she needs is a murder problem.

Yet when a ravenous rabbit colony takes over Clover Grove’s cemetery and a noted garden enthusiast ends up with a permanent plot of her own, Ivy has no choice but to shift her attention from bouquets to bodies.

With a killer at large, the mayor threatens to call off the orchard wedding. Can Ivy and crew solve the mystery in time for Jilly and Asher to say “I do”?
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For Love Or BunnyFor Love Or Bunny

Tweet Revenge

A songbird holds the key to a mystery that’s foiled lesser sleuths than this sheepdog Sherlock.

An antique birdcage attracts a winged visitor singing sad songs of small-town wrongs.

Ivy and Jilly follow a colorful feathered friend to uncover a mysterious stash of love letters. While planning for Jilly’s upcoming wedding, they commit to finding the lovelorn couple, stumbling from one crisis to another as villains old and new try to foil them in their mission.

Will they be able to figure out the story behind the bird’s gorgeous tune before it flies… and someone else dies?

The next book in the Bought-the-Farm Mystery Series is a perfect page-turner for lovers of animals and funny, spunky amateur sleuths.

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Tweet RevengeTweet Revenge

How to Get a Neigh with Murder

Join hobby farmer Ivy Galloway and her brilliant sheepdog, Keats, as they wrangle rescue animals and ruthless killers in this lighthearted cozy mystery series for animal lovers.

This tiny horse has big enough ambitions to get someone killed.

Clippers, the miniature horse, came as a package deal with Bocelli, the singing donkey. The two rescue animals have been inseparable buddies at Runaway Farm ever since.

Now, the talented horse is ready to do something spectacular with his special gifts. As he heads into the world pulling Ivy Galloway’s sister behind, he steps into a disastrous dung heap of crime.

Ivy already has her hands full figuring out the truth behind a deathbed confession. Are the two situations mysteriously linked? Ivy, Keats, Percy and the gang are used to tricky cases, but this might be the one where they get utterly trampled.

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