Till the Cat Lady Sings Book

Till the Cat Lady Sings

Are there some mysteries only a clever cat can solve?

There’s a handsome new guy at Runaway Farm and Keats isn’t happy about the competition. The bossy border collie wants to be Ivy’s one-and-only partner in crime-solving. Cats are unwelcome here.

When a curmudgeonly cat-sitter targets Ivy with slanderous claims, however, a curious cat may be exactly what’s needed to help sort out the truth from the lies. And when a Clover Grove resident gets their final cut in her family’s new salon, Ivy needs all hands—and paws—on deck to defend the Galloway name.

The ginger feline won't take no for an answer anyway. Not from Ivy, not from Keats. He’s determined to join the murder investigation and it turns out there are people to see and places to go that elude even the most ambitious canine. Can the furry rivals make peace in time to save Ivy from another stinking murderer in farm country?

Till the Cat Lady Sings is purrrfect for animal cozy mystery readers who love face-paced adventure, laugh-out-loud humor and characters who feel like family.

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